Who is Bureau Stephan?

"None of us is as smart as all of us." --Ken Blanchard
1965 : BUREAU STEPHAN was founded as a family owned survey company headquartered in Beirut-Lebanon. BUREAU STEPHAN presently offers a full spectrum of products and services ranging from imagery collection and processing, to highly customized and sophisticated GIS database and software solutions.

2005 : Bureau Stephan has been able to drive the development of the geospatial industry in the region, making geospatial solutions accessible, reliable, and manageable.

2010 : Bureau Stephan operated the 1st UAV in the Middle East. Currently, Bureau Stephan is operating in over a dozen countries using a fleet of 20 UAV's.

2013: The Research and Development Team at Bureau Stephan create a unique solution to generate Undistorted Images and allow for Standard Photogrammetric Processing using UAV images


SIME is an important stragegic partner that specializes in satellite imaging and large format aerial survey projects. Bureau Stephan leverages SIME's resources for projects which are not feasible to do using UAV's


Sensefly provides the world's most innovative UAV mapping platforms and flight control software. Bureau Stephan is a user and reseller of Sensefly products.


Bureau Stephan works closely with the software engineers at PIX4D to be able to offer the latest advancements in photogrammetric point cloud processing and orthorectification technologies to our clients

"The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team."

Phil Jackson
The Bureau Stephan team consists of professional surveyors, industrial engineers, data analysts and aerial imaging experts with decades of experience.
Although based in Dubai, Bureau Stephan employs technical expertise from countries all over the world and has partnerships with other companies in the aerospace and aerial survey industries.
Strategic Partners
- Space Imaging Middle East
- Atamos
- Sensefly
- (Indian GIS company)

Management Team

Carl Stephan - Founder/CEO

Isil Gul - Sales/Marketing