Inspection & Asset Monitoring

Bureau Stephan offers solutions that reduce inspection time and improve worker safety

Multispectral imagery solutions are ideal for for remote industrial and agricultural assessment

A multispectral image is one that captures image data at specific frequencies across the electromagnetic spectrum. The wavelengths may be separated by filters or by the use of instruments that are sensitive to particular wavelengths, including light from frequencies beyond the visible light range, such as infrared.
Bureau Stephan UAV inspection solutions are faster than traditional methods and enable the collection of better quality data. Safety is also enhanced as workers are not exposed to hazardous situations. High definition thermal/multispectral images and videos allow for real time assessment of potential problems and ensures that valuable maintanance data can be easily archived.

Taking UAV Aerial Survey to the Next Level

Large Format results from off the shelf sensors. Brilliant!

Large Format results from off the shelf sensors

Using properitary techniques and advanced processing alogarithms, Bureau Stephan has consistently achieved accuracies with off-the-shelf sensors that are as good as those of Metric cameras costing millions of dollars more...

Cost Effective True Orthophoto Deliverables

Bureau Stephan is able to offer clients artifact free True Orthophotos of built up areas as part of our standard package...

Benefits of Using Bureau Stephan for Asset Inspection


University studies have proven that the results of UAV Multispectral surveys are equal to or better than traditional aerial survey methods


Multispectral UAV offers considerably lower cost than using manned aircraft or traditional survey techniques


Bureau Stephan UAV remote sensing eliminates the need to manually access difficult to reach areas. This significantly improves employee safety and project insurance costs

Smart Decisions

Accurate multispectral data allows managers to plan smarter and make better decisions with fewer end of year accounting adjustments.

Quick Results

Bureau Stephan technology enables the collection of several square kilometers of multispectral data in hours not days, boosting efficiency and lowering labor costs.

Flexible Frequency

Bureau Stephan can provide Daily, Monthly, Quarterly and/or Annual multispectral measurements and reports