Disaster Impact Assessment

Bureau Stephan offers cost-efficient solutions to enhance disaster relief response

Use of UAV technology helps keep emergency response personnel safer, minimizing instances where they need to enter high-risk situations

A typical disaster relief cycle takes time. With insurance claim risk and structural assessments, search and rescue operations, temporary supply delivery and more, there are a lot of logistics to consider. And the longer it takes to get this information, the more danger we put both those affected and our emergency response personnel.
Bureau Stephan can speed up the disaster relief process. When passing minutes are precious and you need to respond to an emergency or disaster, a UAV can provide the most up-to-date land and structure information, identify logistical bottlenecks and conduct aerial surveying to find individuals who may be in danger, and more.

Taking UAV Aerial Survey to the Next Level

Large Format results from off the shelf sensors. Brilliant!

Large Format results from off the shelf sensors

Using properitary techniques and advanced processing alogarithms, Bureau Stephan has consistently achieved accuracies with off-the-shelf sensors that are as good as those of Metric cameras costing millions of dollars more...

Cost Effective True Orthophoto Deliverables

Bureau Stephan is able to offer clients artifact free True Orthophotos of built up areas as part of our standard package...

Benefits of Using Bureau Stephan


Precise orthophoto generation allows for accurate identification of damaged structures and/or utilities


Is more competitively priced than traditional post-disaster monitoring techniques


Eliminates the need for driving around blocked roads following a major natural disaster. This significantly improves employee working efficiency, labour costs and safety


Timely information following a natural disaster allows relief agencies to plan smarter and allocate resources more effectively

Quick Results

Bureau Stephan technology enables post-disaster inspection to be carried out within hours rather than days, boosting efficiency and potentially saving lives

Flexible Frequency

Bureau Stephan can provide daily, monthly, quarterly and/or annual post-disaster progress inspections