Crop/Vegetation Analysis

Imaging technology is a key factor in modern precision agricultural solutions

Offering cutting-edge innovations in agricultural UAV monitoring:
- Crop Management
- Plant Health
- Yeild Estimation
- Pest Control

Bureau Stephan offers cutting-edge innovations in agricultural UAV monitoring technology such as the ability to collect digital data to manage crop production on an accurate field scale. Bureau Stephan provides an opportunity to monitor hundreds of hectares without the mobilization costs of a manned aircraft. By using multispectral imagery and GIS mapping farmers have the ability to analyze the true health of their crops and identify yeild limiting situations before they become major problems.
Bureau Stephan can also provide solutions for frequent aerial imaging of fields, allowing farmers and agriculturalists more precise application of crop inputs to validate past management decisions and adjust in-season practices. Livestock farmers will also benefit by being able to efficiently monitor their animals.

Taking UAV Aerial Survey to the Next Level

Large Format results from off the shelf sensors. Brilliant!

Large Format results from off the shelf sensors

Using properitary techniques and advanced processing alogarithms, Bureau Stephan has consistently achieved accuracies with off-the-shelf sensors that are as good as those of Metric cameras costing millions of dollars more...

Cost Effective True Orthophoto Deliverables

Bureau Stephan is able to offer clients artifact free True Orthophotos of built up areas as part of our standard package...

Benefits of Using Bureau Stephan


Precise orthophoto generation allows for the accurate deliniation of property boundaries and individual plant location


Offers onsiderably lower cost than traditional agricultural survey techniques


Bureau Stephan UAV remote sensing eliminates the need for driving across or around fields. This significantly improves employee working efficiency and labour costs

Smart Decisions

Accurate stockpile volumetric data allows managers to plan smarter and make better decisions with fewer end of year accounting adjustments.

Quick Results

Bureau Stephan technology enables the collection of crop viability data within in hours not days, boosting efficiency and lowering labor costs

Flexible Frequency

Bureau Stephan can provide Daily, Monthly, Quarterly and/or Annual measurements