What makes Bureau Stephan special?

Bureau Stephan has discovered how to get 'Large Format Metric camera' consistency and accuracy from consumer grade digital sensors...

Carl Stefan - Bureau Stephan CEO
Bureau Stephan is a global leader in the field of UAV photogrammetric mapping. Our research and development team have invented proprietary processing alogarithms that transform the output of consumer grade non-metric digital sensors into metric quality images. This technological breakthrough enables survey grade accuracy, better than or equal to that obtained from traditional metric cameras (Ultracam, Intergraph, etc.).
Because of these significant technical innovations the Bureau Stephan team is thus able to output very high accuracy true orthophotos, extracted features and digital terrain models more rapidly and cost effectively than is possible using traditional survey methods.

Comparison of Remote Sensing Platforms

Resolution: from 30cm/pixel to 10m/pixel / Area > 100,000km2
Resolution: from 10cm/pixel to 40m/pixel / Area > 1000km2
Resolution: from 2cm/pixel to 40cm/pixel / between 1 km2 and 1,000 km2
Resolution: no imagery / Area less than 1km2

Taking UAV Aerial Survey to the Next Level

Large Format results from off the shelf sensors. Brilliant!

Large Format results from off the shelf sensors

Using properitary techniques and advanced processing alogarithms, Bureau Stephan has consistently achieved accuracies with off-the-shelf sensors that are as good as those of Metric cameras costing millions of dollars more...

Cost Effective True Orthophoto Deliverables

Bureau Stephan is able to offer clients artifact free True Orthophotos of built up areas as part of our standard package...

What Else Does Bureau Stephan Do?

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